born 1992 in Munich, Germany


Maansi Jain is a Berlin-based artist and photographer specializing in documentary and conceptual projects. 


She was born in Munich and grew up between Paris (FR), Texas (US) and Delhi (IND) before undertaking studies at the Sorbonne, New York University in NYC, Paris, & Berlin, and at the University of Pennsylvania.


Her colorful, energetic imagery examines power structures and universal desires through play and has been published and exhibited widely in Europe and the United States. 


She often mines personal imagery and private moments to explore the ways in which images can shatter shared realities and broader notions of consumption, identity and cultural hegemony.

selected exhibitions:


new feminity #3, melkweg expo, amsterdam, nl jennifer aniston superfans, retramp gallery, berlin, de

club tropicana, dadapost, berlin, de 

group show, kake club, berlin, de

ego, night embassy, berlin, de


maansi's warped tour, all about indian food, new york, ny

paranoia, das gift, berlin, de

one night stand, exgirlfriend gallery, berlin, de


new femininity, blender studio, berlin, de

puderpink, puderraum, berlin, de

sova #7 adult, blender studio, berlin, de


​the artist is broke, blender studio, berlin, de
tomatoluv,, seattle, wa
mopper's paradise, sameheads, berlin, de
running older, blender studio, berlin, de


the artist is broke
, blender studio, berlin, de
maansi jain and lucia sciandro, the club, berlin, de
extended visions, blockbuster exhibitions, berlin, de
where is my house ?, das gift, Berlin, DE

food in context, entretempo kitchen gallery, b
erlin, de
master plan, blockbuster exhibitions, berlin, de
dry paint presents, das gift, berlin, de
community clash, prachtwerk, berlin, de
in sickness and in health, may you glisten with perspiration, das gift, berlin, de
uo outclass, center for creative practices, dublin, ie
electron salon, lacda, los angeles, ca
berlin becoming, Deutsches Haus, Manhattan, NY

random 06, donau 115, Berlin, DE
the birth of aquarius, basement, Berlin, DE
1/X, Gallatin Gallery, New York, NY

works abroad, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, DE